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Follow four travel bloggers—two teams of two—on a month-long adventure as they Explore BC and its many unique experiences.

Team Orca consists of Brendan and Rob, hailing from Rocky Mountain House and Ottawa, respectively. Both are seasoned world travellers and this will be the first time they’ll be meeting each other. Team Eagle is Dina and Ryan, a husband-and-wife duo from London, Ontario, who have visited more than 40 countries together since 2009, yet have never visited British Columbia.

Over the course of four weeks this summer, these four bloggers will attempt to experience much of what BC has to offer: everything from white-water rafting and whale watching to gliding and rock climbing; from winery tours and brewery tours to historic museums and aboriginal experiences. Be sure to follow the adventure on our Facebook page and have your say in where they go and what they do!


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Behold Shannon Falls in all it’s glory. This photo does not do it justice as it is quite the majestic sight.

Apparently we were not the only ones who thought visiting the falls on a Sunday afternoon was a good idea, this place is packed.

It’s right before Squamish if you’re the Sea to Sky Highway going towards Whistler from Vancouver and worth a visit. It only takes a few minutes to get to the viewpoint so fun for the whole family.

- Rob #TeamOrca


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